Welcome to UK Tiling Forum

Welcome to the UK Tiling Forum

Welcome to UK Tiling Forum. The new-ish tile and tiling advice forum for the United Kingdom. If you’d like to head straight to the forum then please click here. That’ll take you to the tiling forum for the UK. Tilers Forums originally started out as a UK tile forum, residing on a .co.uk domain name. But as the site grew it became apparent that staying UK-specific was hindering the range of advice and tilers’ talk. As now the forum is on an international .com domain name, it has a whole range of wall and floor tile fixers and fellow colleagues from elsewhere in the tile industry, such as tile manufacturers, tile adhesive (cement) manufacturers, training center owners, college course teachers and suchlike.

How does one become part of the forum for United Kingdom?

The forum is free-of-charge for all membership types. You just sign up for your free account here, then either head to a forum category and ask a question, or find out what’s new and see what tilers’ talk is going on right now.