Friends of ours

We have some friends of ours that have always helped us out when we needed a hand with something on or offline, and some of those companies and owners have websites of their own. These are those:-

Pro Tiling Tools

Pro Tiling Tools – A tiling tool supplier based in the midlands, United Kingdom.

Tilers Forums

Tilers Forums – The tiling advice website that started out in 2006 and has the honor of being copied half a dozen times (it’s still number 1).

Tile Blog

Tile Blog – A guest-host type blog affair where various ‘cogs’ and ‘sprockets’ of the much larger machine that is the tile industry, not only get interviewed – but become the interviewer also (work-in-progress).

UK Tiling News

Tiling News – Tiler, tiling and tile news for what must seem like such a niche industry to the layman, but is actually, well, niche – but original. A finishing trade that actually takes skill unlike insert-any-trade-name-here.