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Welcome to UK Tiling Forum, the free resource for wall and floor tiling in the United Kingdom. We will be blogging all things tile, tilers and tiling. Usually always UK-based due to the different rules and regulations when it comes to building standards around the World.

3 Wicked Reasons to use UK Tiling Forum in 2024

  1. The wall and floor tiling advice on UK Tiling Forum is free of charge. No charge, ever.
  2. You can find advice any time day or night as the forum is running 24/7.
  3. Connect with others from the tile industry in the UK. As the forum has many members who have joined it in the past few years.
UK Tiling Forum

Useful Tile Contacts

UK Tiling Forum has members from all over the world. And the members are from all sectors of the tile industry. Including (but not limited to) tile manufacturers, tile importers, retail along with adhesive manufacturers and the likes. Which makes the tiling advice really useful and up to date with tiling standards. Checkout the tile blog, and the old tiling forums which we have replaced with this. The UK Tiling News site is also still available.